Brian was running a franchised business; it wasn’t going well and clearly, his heart was no longer in it. At his first coaching session, we explored his values – those things that are really important to have in life in order to feel fully motivated and ‘alive’. He identified one that he called “being inventive” and in discussion, it became clear that this one was extremely important to him and yet didn’t feature in his current vocation. Through coaching, we devised a plan for him to develop an idea he had formulated for an invention and he went on to win government funding to build a prototype, eventually winning the British Inventor of the Year award. The following is an extract from an email received from Brian:



“Dear Di,

I have finally received sufficient funding to proceed full time. The small firms loan guarantee came through Friday last. Amazing after all this time that it has come to pass. It’s hard to believe, in fact the last few weeks have been hell and required huge amounts of something or other just to keep sane. Now it has happened and I feel on top of the world. I have started making plans which will change everything I do for the rest of my life and the very way I think and feel.

I especially want to thank you Di, you were my springboard, without you it may never have happened. I cannot thank you enough, you will be in my prayers always.

If I can help in any way with publicity for your company just let me know, I would be delighted to assist. I trust you are keeping well and will be in touch shortly.

Kindest regards,