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You are running a business. It’s going OK but you know it could be doing so much better. The question is “how”?

You need to feel certain that you are taking the right actions at the right time – the actions that will consistently move you and your business towards the successful achievement of all your goals.

So what if you could embark on an exciting, transformational journey that would stretch you and empower your business to take leaps and bounds towards goals you had previously thought impossible?

What you need is the support of a qualified, experienced coach who will help you to define your way forward, commit to taking consistent ‘right’ actions and hold you accountable for your results.

Our lead coach, Di McLanachan, first trained and qualified as a coach in 2000 and since then, has become an accredited Life & Executive Master Coach and Fellow of the International Institute of Coaches & Mentors (IICM). She has trained and mentored coaches in the UK and Eastern Europe and is also accredited by the Sue Stone Foundation. (Sue Stone is a Channel 4 Secret Millionaire and best-selling author of Love Life, Live Life). For more information, see ‘About Us’.

Coaching is conducted either face to face or via Skype, with unlimited email support between sessions. If you would like to know more, and even experience a ‘taster’ mini coaching session, then apply for a free discovery appointment by completing the details below.

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