Making presentations is one of the most important skills in the business world today and yet research has shown that people fear making a presentation more than they fear going to the dentist or dying! This programme takes delegates through the whole process of presenting, from preparation to projecting personality, thus dismantling the fear and even introducing an element of enjoyment.

Note that delegates need to prepare, in advance of attending the course, a 5 minute presentation on a subject of their choice (not necessarily work related). Ideally, these presentations should be created using PowerPoint and brought along on a memory stick.

Course Objectives:

Understand the factors that contribute to making an outstanding presentation

Learn how to plan and structure content effectively

Develop techniques for overcoming nerves and anxiety related to presenting in public

Course Duration:

One day

Course Content:

The basic principles of presenting – why is it public fear number 1?

Qualities of effective presenters – what makes them or their presentations so memorable?

Presenters from hell – mistakes, bad habits and other traits to avoid

The five Ps of a perfect presentation – Preparation, Purpose, Presence, Passion and Personality

Presentation structure – using a Mind Map to plan a presentation that has a good flow, gets the message across and makes an impact

The Von Restorff effect – how to keep your audience’s attention all the way through

Using the three elements of communication to build rapport with your audience rapidly and effectively

The VHF channels of communication – how to identify your predominant one and incorporate all three into your presentation so that your audience feels you are speaking their language

The 15 ‘power words’ – used most frequently in marketing and presenting because they communicate at the conscious and unconscious levels simultaneously

Non-verbal communication – what is your body language saying about you?   And what is your audience’s body language saying about them?

Confidence on your feet – how to feel and look confident by triggering a pre-set ‘anchor’

Pulling it all together – 5 minute presentation by each delegate to practise everything covered