This half day course focuses on how to build a rapid and effective rapport using Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques, which have been proven to work more powerfully than conventional methods. Rapport building is an invaluable skill for anyone needing to communicate influentially, whether face to face, over the telephone or in writing, and these techniques are just as effective in a one to one situation as they are in a ‘one to many’ scenario. This subject can be delivered as a stand-alone half day or bite-size session, or it can be incorporated as a topic into other communication-related programmes.

Course Objectives:

Gain clarity on exactly what rapport is, how it builds naturally at a subconscious level and how to hasten this process along without being manipulative

Understand why everyone is different and unique, and how to build a bridge across into somebody else’s ‘model of the world’

Develop ability to use a variety of communication techniques suitable for building an easy and comfortable rapport with others in any situation

Course Duration:

Half day

Bite size (2 hours)

Course Content:

What is rapport, why do we want it and how do we know when we’ve got it?

The three elements of communication and how they can be used to build rapport rapidly and effectively, face to face, over the telephone and in writing

The VHF channels of communication; how to identify the predominant one in somebody else from their language and eye movements, and then match it to ‘tune into their wavelength’

The 15 ‘power words’ – used most frequently in marketing because they communicate at the conscious and subconscious levels simultaneously

Non-verbal communication; using sensory acuity to determine how someone is feeling and even what they are thinking from their body language alone.

Filters – the internal mechanisms we use to make sense of the world around us and respond accordingly.  How to identify somebody else’s filters through questioning and then use them to build a bridge across into their ‘model of the world’

Chunking – how to get from big picture to small detail and vice versa by matching ‘chunk sizes’.  An invaluable skill in maintaining a rapport during a negotiation.