As the level of available information in the world increases, the ability to absorb it efficiently has become more and more vital to personal productivity and success. The people who are achieving serious success today are those who can quickly read, process and apply large quantities of relevant information from reports, books, magazines, newspapers and the Internet. This course covers techniques that will enable you to easily double your reading speed without any reduction of comprehension and is invaluable for anyone who feels overwhelmed by the amount of written material they face each day.

Course Objectives:

Gain a ‘new’ and faster way of reading

Learn techniques for reducing eye strain when reading

Reduce time needed to read documents, books, newspapers, etc

Gain more time in the working week

Course Duration:

Half day

Course Content:

Current reading speed checked at beginning of the course and again at the end; normally a significant improvement is achieved and many delegates double their reading speed during this half day

Displacing myths and limiting beliefs about reading

Factors that slow down and speed up reading

Creating the optimal ‘reading state’

The effect of music on reading, comprehension and memory

Over-viewing material to understand structure and content

Mind mapping to capture the content of material that has been read, using both the right and left hemispheres of the brain to aid memory and recall