There is a solution to every problem, however sometimes it may not be immediately obvious. This programme explores both left and right brain methodologies, including ‘conventional’ diagnosis and analysis of a problem compared to Appreciative Inquiry techniques, plus other prompts to get the brain thinking creatively. The course can be tailored to include an organisation’s real live problems/challenges to be used in problem solving exercises, so that attendees can take practical and innovative solutions back to the workplace.

Course Objectives:

To introduce delegates to a range of techniques for enhancing creative thinking and problem solving.

Provide opportunities to explore applications of different methodologies to a variety of ‘challenges’ and problems

Apply techniques to real life scenarios from the workplace

Course Duration:

One day

Course Content:

The ‘conventional’ method for problem solving – working through the stages to seek a logical solution

Evaluation of effectiveness and appropriateness of this method

The four basic propositions of Appreciative Inquiry

‘Conventional’ problem solving versus the AI approach

The key skills needed to utilise AI

The AI solution-focused discussion

The importance of using the ‘right’ language

The 4-D model for problem solving

The Walt Disney creative thinking strategy

Creativity cards ‘kick start’ lateral thinking