This programme is an introduction to the principles and applications of Appreciative Inquiry (AI) as a valuable problem solving and creative thinking tool. It includes material on how to explore a problem using AI positive vocabulary, thus getting to a solution in a fraction of the time normally taken, and introduces the concept of implementing AI principles throughout an organisation.

Course Objectives:

Understand the principles that underpin Appreciative Inquiry

Develop the communication skills required to conduct AI problem-solving explorations

Be able to apply the principles of AI to managing change in an organisation

Course Duration:

Half day if run as a pure ‘Introduction’ programme

One day, if live problems are to be addressed using AI techniques and solutions generated

Course Content:

The four basic propositions of AI

Using AI for change – the three key stages

‘Conventional’ problem solving vs the AI positive approach

Building a new organisation with AI

The key skills needed to utilise AI

Importance of non-judgmental, empathic listening

The AI solution-focused discussion

The importance of language

The 4-D model for problem solving

Strategic planning with AI