This comprehensive programme incorporates a wide range of essential management and leadership skills, making it ideal for either the new manager, or for the more experienced manager who wishes to enhance their existing skills. The focus of the course is to develop the personal effectiveness of the manager and enable them in turn to build and motivate a highly effective team.

Course Objectives:

Explore the differences between a manager and a leader

Understand own natural leadership style and how it can be enhanced

Develop ability to bring out peak performance in self and in others

Course Duration:

Two days for the content listed below (recommended)

Can be tailored to be a one day course if required

Course Content:

The role of a manager as leader

Evaluating your leadership style using a personality profiling questionnaire

Self worth, self esteem and self belief – essential tools for self confidence

Dealing with difficult people – how to take a positive lead and resolve conflicts without there being ‘winners’ and ‘losers’

Assertiveness – what it is and isn’t, and how to construct the Assertive Sentence

Understanding what makes everyone different and unique

What is motivation and how can you trigger it in yourself and in others?

Communicating effectively and with impact using the VHF communication channels

Active listening and questioning skills as a team coaching tool and problem solving technique

The importance of non-verbal communication

Rapid rapport building – face to face, over the telephone and in writing

Goal setting for yourself and your team, with built-in commitment

Managing your time, projects and priorities effectively

Understanding your working style and it’s effects on your productivity

A new approach to procrastination and how to eliminate it permanently.

Overcoming self-imposed barriers to delegating

How to conduct meetings that motivate, inspire and inform

Dealing positively with job performance issues

Rapid and positive problem solving using Appreciative Inquiry techniques