This programme is ideal for anyone who is in a Team Leader role and needs to lead, manage and motivate their team members in the shared objective of achieving the successful and timely completion of a project.

Course Objectives:

To become a confident, respected Team Leader

Develop rapport with, and respect from, peers, subordinates and superiors

Be able to resolve conflicts and overcome potential problems.

Course Duration:

One day

Course Content:

Self Awareness -Identify a range of verbal and non-verbal factors which affect others; assess personal strengths, weaknesses and opportunities

Communication Style – Understand why everyone is different and unique and therefore need to be communicated with using varying styles

The Communication Chain – Communicating assertively upwards, downwards and laterally, whether one to one or to a group.

Communication Techniques – Conveying ideas and information effectively, with clarity and brevity.  Building rapport and trust, dealing with misunderstandings, effective questioning, active listening.

Positive Messages – The importance of positive messages, confidence and positive, empowering beliefs.

The Power of Persuasion – Sharing ideas and visions, creating empathy; the use of reason and logic, gaining commitment, building trusting relationships, making assertive requests, argue a case appealing to logical and emotional responses.

Conflict Resolution – Resolving unproductive conflicts, personality clashes, handling difficult people, avoiding and overcoming destructive situations.

Interpersonal Techniques – Select appropriate techniques to cope with situations ranging from selling ideas to managing conflict, consider approaches for modifying behaviour.

Action Planning – Participants plan and discuss what they will actually do upon their return to work.