Everyone has exactly the same amount of time every day and yet some consistently achieve far more than others. The reason for this is that they have learnt to manage themselves within the time available, ensuring that whatever they are doing is the very best use of their focus and energy at that time. Time pressures have become the norm in today’s workplace and are the primary cause of stress at work. This programme delivers both inspiring ideas and practical techniques for maximising productivity and minimising stress at work.

Course Objectives:

To make delegates aware of current working practices which may be consuming more time than necessary

To provide delegates with an awareness of their working styles (Types A and B), and the effects these styles have on personal time management

To deliver a range of proven time-saving and stress management techniques

Course Duration:

One day

Course Content:

Time robbers – what consumes your time and how to manage them

Managing interruptions assertively

Prioritising – avoiding the important versus urgent trap

Working styles – types A and B – the problems and remedies for both

Moving from working hard to working smart

Procrastination, indecisiveness and other bad habits

Crises and how to avoid them

Successful delegation – up, down, sideways, to people and to machines

Using Outlook to track delegated tasks

Managing meetings to eliminate time wasting

Using a Bring Forward system to assist desk management

Identifying time and situational stressors and how they can be defused

Turning dis-stress into eu-stress – a positive, energising force

Balance – ensuring that no one area of life/work overwhelms the others

Anchors – how to access a ‘calm and in control’ feeling at any time

Dealing with people who press your ‘stress buttons’

Saying “no” politely and assertively to new tasks when your workload is at full capacity

Maintaining morale and motivation in the face of challenging situations