Excelling at Selling

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Being successful at selling is the ultimate combination of focus, superb communication and influencing skills, and an ability to understand what customers want. For example, it is more important for a sales person to listen than to talk. It is essential to understand that whilst people like to be helped to buy, they don’t like being sold to. This course is ideal for anyone who is new to a sales role, as well as being a good ‘enhancer’ for anyone already in sales.

Course Objectives:

To enhance existing communication and selling skills with proven success techniques based on the principles of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming – the ‘Psychology of Excellence’) and Personal Performance Coaching.

Delegates will ‘step into the shoes’ of a potential client, understand their real buying motivation and identify the appropriate key selling points

Using NLP, delegates will learn how to build rapport rapidly and effectively, and become superb listeners, influencers and deal closers.

Course Duration:

One day

Course Content:

The selling purpose – being clear as to what you are really selling

Identifying your organisation’s Unique Selling Points

Why and how do people buy?  Understanding the customer’s personality ‘makeup’ and adopting the communication style that works best with that personality

Needs versus wants – which have most influence on the buying decision?

Stepping into the customer’s shoes – how do they feel about giving you their business?

The three levels of listening and why you must never use Level 1.

Intuitive listening – what’s being said, how it’s being said and what’s really being said

Questioning skills to elicit the customer’s needs and buying strategy

The VHF channels of communication – how to recognise them and use them to speak the customer’s language

Building rapport rapidly and effectively to gain trust – face to face, over the telephone and in writing

Using the voice to best promote your product/service

Features and Benefits – how to construct a FAB statement to promote your product or service in the best way possible

The 15 most persuasive words used in selling and marketing

Handling objections – they may be part of the customer’s buying strategy

The golden rule of closing the sale

Exceeding customer expectations to cement an ongoing relationship and encourage referrals

Putting it all together – role plays to practice everything covered