Negotiation Skills

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Negotiation is the process by which we explore and agree the terms for getting what we want from people who want something from us. It could apply to goods, services or even behaviours, in both business and personal contexts. As such, it is an essential skill in achieving beneficial outcomes for all parties concerned.

Course Objectives:

Learn processes and techniques for conducting successful negotiations

Understand the importance of planning prior to commencement of a negotiation

Gain confidence in ability to negotiate mutually beneficial outcomes

Course Duration:

One day

Course Content:

The four phases of negotiating – Prepare, Discuss, Propose and Bargain

Establishing ‘must get’, ‘should get’ and ‘could get’ options

Constructing FAB statements (Feature, Advantage, Benefit)

The RESPECT negotiation model

Opening the discussion positively and productively

Rapid rapport building techniques

How best to use verbal and non-verbal communication during a negotiation

Spoken language to use and words/phrases to avoid

The 15 ‘power’ words – used to influence and persuade

Listening and questioning skills

Overcoming objections without making too many concessions

Dovetailing mutual desired outcomes to achieve a win/win result

Trial close – how to ‘test the water’

Closing techniques – the alternatives and deciding which best fit your negotiation style.

Tying up the loose ends to ensure that what has been agreed really is in place